7th Grade Online Learning

Coach Chavez- Social Studies

Virtual Office Hours: 9am- 11am

Mr. Karvonen- Math

Virtual Office Hours: 9am-12pm

Good Morning!  I have posted today's assignment in my Google Classroom.


As we move forward towards the end of this semester, I am streamlining the process.  Beginning this week, expect to see the following changes.

  1. All PDF documents for the week will be shared with you on the First assignment for the week.

  2. We will hold Google meets every Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon. 

  3. I will be holding meetings for no more than 2 class periods at a time. 

  4. When you enter the meeting the first thing you will do is sign in by writing your first and  last name in the chat box.  You will be muted when you enter the meeting. Do not unmute 

    without permission.

  5. Any questions that you have, you will type into the chat box.  Give an assignment date, page number and question number so that I can reference it to help you.

  6. These meetings are to assist you with assignments. It is not a time for you to make comments, be funny, or visit with your friends. 

  7. There still will be daily assignments, but remember you will need to refer to the PDF shared with you on the first assignment for the week.

  8. Yes, these materials are for a grade.  Make sure you are turning in your work.

  9. If any of your friends are not online doing their work, please encourage them to join us.

Ms. Burns- Reading

Virtual Office Hours: 9am- 12pm

Google Meetings

Ms. Allison’s/Karvonen 7th Grade Math

Google Meeting

16 Apr@1

Meeting ID


Phone Numbers

(‪US‬)‪+1 402-647-0231‬

PIN: ‪285 600 896#‬


3rd and 8th Period 7th Grade Math

Google meeting 

16 Apr@2pm

Meeting ID


Phone Numbers

(‪US‬)‪+1 405-701-9345‬

PIN: ‪847 624 330#‬


6th & 7th Period 7th Grade Math 

Google Meeting on 

16 Apr @ 2:30pm 

Meeting ID


Phone Numbers

(‪US‬)‪+1 904-900-0466‬

PIN: ‪133 263 680#‬