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  • certificate100% Graduation Rate
  • calendar299% Attendance rate

Stanton ISD Board – Superintendent District Goals (2019-2020)

board members
All campuses in Stanton ISD will increase student academic achievement on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR).
Stanton ISD will implement and monitor well-designed processes, including long-range planning and budgeting, to address future growth, changing student needs, and the maintenance of effective and efficient operations.
Provide a demographic study that will analyze existing demographics, provide a ten-year enrollment forecast, assess attendance patterns, and provide housing research related to new home starts and future building forecasts
Establish a facilities planning committee to help assess the future needs of the district
Develop five and ten year facilities plans with recommendations to the board addressing future growth of the district, a prioritized list of facility needs, and any related bond proposals with timelines 
Stanton ISD will provide a safe and secure system throughout the district for staff, students, and community to provide the best possible environment for learning.
Stanton ISD will promote shared partnerships of students, parents, schools, community, and business.
Stanton ISD will develop and implement a plan to increase the instructional use of mobile technology